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Our history

Since the beginning we want to give the right technical and strategic support to shoes manufacturing companies. Our mission then become to collaborate with all the fashion design enterprises from both a technical and strategic point of view. We decided to focus on: clothing, footwears and leather industries.

Why New and Best?

Our company has always been based on two main pillars: Novelty and competitiveness. Therefore, “New and Best” clearly summarises what we offer and what we continuously produce, in an innovative and original manner.

The aim is to grow and to foster the growth of the environment around us in a mutual exchange of inputs and innovative ideas.


In order to be among the leaders of our business sector, you need to be as dynamic and fast as possible. Fashion is constantly evolving and as a consequence what is considered as new and innovative today, will be considered as outdated tomorrow and therefore, it is necessary to renovate it.

Since ever, we have been always investing in a lot of technologies. The production and manufacturing processes are completely internalized. In this way, we can devote the same level of attention to every single detail of the whole production process, thus offering to our clients a service that span from the initial concept to the final product.

NEW AND BEST H.F. is committed to reach two important goals:

  • Customer satisfaction as well as the fulfilment of all the requirements agreed. In addition, we pay attention to the communication standards and we ensure the highest levels of quality for both the products we realize and the services we offer.
  • To guarantee that all the activities performed in our company are compliant with the Environmental laws. We are really committed in improving our performances so as to make them even more environment-friendly.

Two Certificates demonstrate that these two goals have been fully reached by our company:

For Quality management


UNI EN ISO 14001
For the environmental quality


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